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Huntingdon man freed by Russians

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A Huntingdon man – one of five British nationals captured by Russian-backed forces in Ukraine – is back home.

Dylan Healey has been released along with  Aiden Aslin, John Harding, Andrew Hill and Shaun Pinner.

They arrived at Heathrow today.


Dylan joined an aid agency and had headed to Ukraine “to try and make a difference”; he was captured by the Russians and charged with being a mercenary.

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How the BBC reported release and home coming of five British nationals held by Russia in Ukraine

At one stage he was warned he could face the death penalty.  

Ten detainees, including the five Britons,  won their freedom after Saudi Arabia brokered an exchange deal between Russia and Ukraine.

Mr Healey, a chef, went missing in Ukraine, along with 45-year-old Paul Urey, in April.  


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