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September 6th, 2022 was an important day for us – the launch of CambsNews. 
The days, weeks, and months since have been a labour of love as we’ve poked and prodded beneath the surface of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to keep a new, and growing, army of readers up to speed on what’s happening.
We’ve tackled breaking news, delved – often deeply and uncomfortably – into the world of local politics, and brought you an extensive range of exclusive reports, thought provoking opinion pieces and tried, in our small but persistent way, to hold those in power to account.
And we have provided readers with often dramatic photographs of current events and news.
2,000 stories, many exclusives later, and the CambsNews has become a vital part of the media landscape.
And we want it to continue – which is where you, our readers, can play a part.
To build a sustainable platform for the future, CambsNews needs investment. We need to recruit like minded journalists to build on and grow our coverage.
And to do that we are asking you to pay a small price for that to happen.
We are asking, for the first time, for readers to support us financially by taking out a modest subscription.
£2, or £3 or even £5 will help us achieve our goals.
It will mean the second year of CambsNews will be livelier, healthier, and much better placed to cover the important issues affecting our everyday lives.
And with a General Election in the next year, coverage of all 7 constituencies in Cambridgeshire will be vital.
For now, your subscription simply means we can provide and expand our news FREE to all readers. Later we hope to bring subscriber only newsletters but for now we are inviting your support to ensure CambsNews remains FREE to anyone interested in and who cares for the future of our county.
We pledge, in return, 100 per cent commitment, and we promise to keep it uncluttered by ads that scream at you from every other sentence.
Will you help us? 
Just complete and submit this short form with your preferences to keep CambsNews vibrant, alive, and continuing its journey.


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