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Huntingdonshire police hit by ‘avalanche’ of parking complaints

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It began with photos of two cars being booked in St Neots for illegal parking – and ended with an avalanche of ‘where to strike next’ pleas.

Policing Huntingdonshire have been inundated with complaints of cars being parked dangerously or illegally since turning the spotlight on St Neots.

“This week we’ve been in St Neots town centre following your concerns about parking,” wrote a Huntingdonshire police officer.

“It seems a few drivers think they can park anywhere, including on double yellow lines.

“However, we were happy to remind these drivers that they are not allowed to park on double yellow lines, by issuing them all parking tickets.”

One of the photos that prompted an avalanche of complaints to Huntingdonshire police about illegal parking

And that is when the ‘avalanche’ of calls for action.

Here is a few of them.

“Come along to St Ives at lunchtime – there’s a dozen or so cars parked on double yellow lines from The Broadway to The Waits. Not sure how they keep getting away with it”

“I was in St Ives on Tuesday afternoon, for a trip to the dentist. I could not believe the number of cars parked on double yellow lines, and no sign of a traffic warden, never mind police. And yes, they get away with it all the time.”

“People know they can get away with it, so they just park anywhere. And you will not see traffic wardens in St Ives yet, as parking here is still (for the time being at any rate) the responsibility of the police. But you will rarely see them.”

“There are loads of parking places in St Neots. Market Square only lost a small portion of what is available. Mostly people want to park outside where they want to be regardless of anything else i.e., double yellow lines, corners, junctions, zebra crossing and various other obstructions.”

“Queens Gardens is terrible outside the nursery, had a woman just stop in front of me and get her 3 children out in the middle of the road and walk in the school. Could just squeeze my car through. Accident waiting to happen.”

“Is there a second ticket for parking on the pavement?”

“Can you come out to the area around Brampton school please, the parking at drop off and pick up time is atrocious and unsafe for all? It is an accident waiting to happen.

“As above outside Little Paxton School during school run times. Could do with some police presence there.”

“At Little Paxton School, during drop-off, you will find people parking on yellow lines (including on corners), on the zigzags next to the crossing, and if you watch you will find some drivers have no regard for people trying to use the crossing. It is only a matter of time before a child gets hurt or worse because of the parking and diving during drop-off/pick-up times (drop-off is usually worse).”

“I got told to move off the path while I stood outside the school for my son to come out – I meet him there every day as I do not live nearby, I drive to the school, I park and walk about 5 mins to the school. I guy asked me to move off the path outside the school where I was waiting So that a guy could park on the pathway !!!as he arrived late and there, I simply said no sorry and he was very abusive. Wish we could have parking monitors outside / nearby schools: people behave when they are about – the rest of time it is a free for all.” …

“Brook Street continues to be absolute carnage every single day. Some cars park completely on the pavement, others barely on the pavement so vehicles must drive on the pavement on the other side.”

“Come into Duck Lane and all the roads off”

“Could such help be in Loves Farm, with the parent parking wherever they wish? I almost witnessed an incident and had to slam on my breaks in our dead end. All because of parents thinking they can park wherever”.

“Come down Bedford Street; cars parked on the pavement and double yellow lines. This is every day”

“Howard road around 5pm needs a visit it’s so full of lorry trailers it turns a two-way road in to a single lane and causes lots of problems best part is there is signs saying they shouldn’t be there.”

Please come to Peterborough.”

“How do I contact you with photos of illegal and dangerous parking at Thorndown School, St. Ives. So far, I have been unsuccessful in contacting anybody.”

“Come to St Ives”.

“Loading bays on St Neots High Street are used for long term parking…”

One of the photos that prompted an avalanche of complaints to Huntingdonshire police about illegal parking

“The risk of getting caught needs to be high as a deterrent. If you get away with it and only get a ticket once a month, you are quids in. If you got several tickets a month, it stops. Roll on civil enforcement.”

“Come to St Ives you’ll make a fortune in parking fines.”

Try Howard Road in Eaton Socon for several lorries”.

“Car Parking is a menace in towns and on the streets…. pavement parking, double yellows, opposite driveways, outside of schools, street parking with just enough room to squeeze by.”

“Please come to Ramsey and watch outside the post office and by Nationwide”

“When is the ban on pavement parking being introduced?”

“You should try Crosshall school too”

Where are the traffic wardens?”

“You need to go back to Little Paxton school on the morning run and afternoon.”

“It is not a few; it is dozens, every single day. And it is not just the town centre. Come check out Potton Road next time you are in the mood for making some bank. It is a state, and so are half the other residential streets here. I have lost count of how many near misses I have seen.”




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