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14 Cambridgeshire Police ‘above and beyond’ awards

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Three words – above and beyond – dominated a Cambridgeshire awards ceremony.


These were the words to describe those officers, staff, volunteers, and cadets of Cambridgeshire Constabulary who had made a difference in the past year.

The force held its annual awards ceremony to recognise the outstanding contributions of officers and staff, including Specials, volunteers, and cadets.

“It celebrated the outstanding and exceptional work by those who have gone above and beyond in their role to help make Cambridgeshire a safer place,” said a force spokesperson.

Held at Burgess Hall in St Ives, the 14 awards were presented by Chief Constable Nick Dean, along with sponsors.

Mr Dean said: “The passion, commitment and work ethic of officers, staff and volunteers in Cambridgeshire never fails to impress me, and I’m thrilled to be recognising some of this work at the awards.

“This year’s ceremony is even more special than usual, given the turbulent couple of years navigating the global pandemic, and I am delighted we can celebrate together properly.

“Those shortlisted for this year’s awards have demonstrated a commitment to going above and beyond in their roles, consistently making important contributions to policing in this county and keeping people safe.

“My thanks and gratitude also go to all our sponsors who helped fund this event. We wouldn’t be able to make it happen without their support.”

Seven companies and organisations, including close partners of the force, helped fund the evening through donations.

The sponsors included: software developers Black Marble; the police staff association, Police Federation; aircraft modification and design company Marshall; The Office of High Sheriff; production company The Garden; communications platform Orlo; and behaviour change agency Social Change.

A total of 14 awards were presented on the night:

  • Commitment to Outstanding Leadership
  • Commitment to Health and Wellbeing
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Cadet of the Year
  • Special Officer of the Year
  • Unsung Hero
  • Police Community Support Officer of the Year
  • Commitment to Safeguarding
  • Student Officer of the Year
  • Investigator of the Year
  • Police Staff Employee of the Year
  • Police Officer of the Year
  • Team of the Year
  • Grand Prix Employee of the Year

And the winners …

Commitment to Outstanding Leadership – Detective Chief Inspector Nikki Hall

The judges chose Nikki for her unwavering commitment to strong leadership at all levels.

With wellbeing at the heart of her leadership, Nikki demonstrates the force values with a balance between the welfare and motivation of her colleagues, alongside her operational leadership.

Nikki Hall

Despite her own high workload, she is always ready to put things aside to support her team and peers.

Nikki also won the Grand Prix Employee of the Year award as chosen by Chief Constable Nick Dean.

Commitment to Health and Wellbeing – Inspector Paul Harris

Paul impressed the judges with his compassion and commitment to the mental health and wellbeing of colleagues across the three forces.

His development of the Mind Over Mountains Programme, mainly in his own time, has had a massive positive impact on everyone involved.

Commitment to safeguarding – Detective Inspector Dan Pawson

Dan has shown unwavering commitment and dedication to safeguard victims of child abuse and serious sexual assaults, despite cases doubling in the past 12 months.

Dan Pawson

He works tirelessly, and when not leading investigations he is attending an array of strategy meetings, safeguarding reviews with partner agencies and ensures the swift and detailed response by the force to serious safeguarding issues and incidents.

Cadet of the Year – Jasper Potter

Jasper has overcome a number of obstacles in order to be an active, diligent, and friendly member of the Huntingdon Cadets unit.

Jasper Potter

Regularly pushed out of his comfort zone, Jasper is a shining example to his peers and his cadet leaders.

Volunteer of the Year – Alan Paul

With two nominations, Alan impressed the judges with his commitment to the force and the community.

Alan Paul

He leads from the front and is an active volunteer who has helped build resilience in our communities, reduce crime and, in so doing, keeps the people of Peterborough safe.

Special Officer of the Year – Adam Courtney

Adam has shown true dedication to the force as a Special constable, committing a significant number of hours – all for free.

Adam Court

Adam Courtney

The judges commended his devotion to supporting the Digital Policing Team with his technical knowledge and experience.

Police Community Support Officer of the Year – Daniel Grant

Daniel impressed the judges with his proactivity and innovation when it comes to policing the community he has worked hard to understand and get to know.

Dan Grant

Described as saying “there are only good days and great days” at work, Dan’s dedication and enthusiasm is exceptional.

Student Officer of the Year – Harriet Huggins

The judges were impressed with Harriet’s exceptional work ethic and positive attitude that she brings to everything she does.

Harriet Huggins

She has impressed her colleagues with her dedication, enthusiasm, and attention to detail. She is described as an inspiration to all.

Investigator of the Year – Detective Constable Kellymarie Harman

Kellymarie’s professional, kind and diligent approach to her investigations, and her genuine commitment to getting positive outcomes for some of the most vulnerable victims of crime, make her a worthy winner.

Kellymarie Harman

Police Staff Employee of the Year – People Development Advisor Michaela Restaino

The judges were impressed with Michaela’s positive attitude that enables her to get things done, regularly performing above and beyond.

Her genuine passion, drive, and enthusiasm to improve the work life of her colleagues and peers is enviable.

Unsung Hero – Detective Sergeant John Bimson

The judges were particularly impressed with John’s dedication and commitment to the force and his peers at times of real personal adversity.

John Bimson

Described as stoic, understated and a humble officer, John is not just an exceptional police officer and leader, he is a genuinely incredible human being.

Police Officer of the Year – Acting Inspector Alice Draper 

The judges were impressed with the diverse range of police work Alice has undertaken in the past year – all demonstrating exceptional performance, professionalism, and commitment.

Alice Draper

Described as a wonderful role-model, Alice is someone who can be relied upon to use her policing powers, discretion, and judgement to make a difference.

Team of the Year – Huntingdon Neighbourhood Policing Team

The judges were impressed with just how committed and resilient the team is, dealing with such high demand, day in, day out.

The speed with which they work is outstanding and the results they achieved sets them apart from other NPT teams and other departments within the force.

Team of the Year -Hunts

The event also raised more than £500 for the charity Embrace Child Victims of Crime, as chosen by staff, through a raffle of prizes donated by the award sponsors and companies the force has worked with over the past year.

Some winners were not able to attend the event – we have included pictures of all those who attended 



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