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Conservatives win Whittlesey town council by election

Results are in for a by election at Whittlesey following the resignation of Councillor Ray Whitwell from Whittlesey town council.

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Conservatives scored a decisive by-election victory in Fenland last night (Thursday). Their candidate for a vacant seat on Whittlesey town council polled more than twice the number of votes of the combined total of his two opponents.

Luke Turner topped the poll in the North West Ward with 444 votes, a substantial margin of victory on his Independent and Green opponents.

Peter Bibb, who previously contested local seats for Labour, put himself forward this time as an independent candidate and came second with 100 votes.

In third place was Green hopeful John Male with 71 votes.

The turnout was a modest 16.52 per cent.

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Some residents blamed the lack of polling cards for the low turnout.

“Many people didn’t even know there was an election as no polling cards were sent out, that was at the request of the town council, which I find deplorable,” said one resident.

Another said: “16% turnout just shows how much faith people have with the voting system what is even the point.”

Tory Party officials were delighted.

“We were thrilled Luke Turner tonight won a seat on Whittlesey Town Council,” they announced on their constituency Facebook page.

The by election was held to fill a vacancy following the resignation of Councillor Ray Whitwell.


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