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Cambridge police car ramming, thief and fraudster jailed

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A thief who rammed a police car in a desperate attempt to avoid justice has been jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Jimmy Willett, 22, arranged to buy a Renault Clio car via Facebook.

He agreed to meet the seller at Tesco Express, in High Street, Chesterton, on 13 January 2019.

However, he paid £650 in counterfeit £50 notes and the seller subsequently reported the car stolen.

On 17 January, Willett was spotted driving the Clio on the A10 near Chittering.

Police caught up with him at the Milton Interchange with the A10 and A14.

They attempted to stop him, but he drove off, ramming the police car and almost knocking over an officer before continuing into Milton.

Willett drove at more than twice the 30mph speed limit in Cambridge Road and collided with an Audi TT as he tried to overtake it.

The pursuit ended when Willett crashed into a tree in Ely Road.

He was arrested and released on bail and then charged in December 2020.

Earlier this year, while the court proceedings progressed, Willett went on a stealing spree in Milton, Cambridge, and Fordham:

  • On March 5 at about 10.30pm, two bottles of AU Vodka worth £66 were taken from Tesco, Cambridge Road, Milton.
  • On March 10 at about 8pm, four bottles of Prosecco worth £28 were taken from the Co-op in Milton Road, Cambridge.
  • On April 10, at about 2.40pm, a bike belonging to a staff member at the Post Office in High Street, Bottisham, was stolen.
  • On April 17, at about 7pm, Willett went into the Co-op, in Carter Street, Fordham, and stole spirits worth about £300. 
  • Three days later he entered the shop again with two accomplices and attempted to steal £150 of spirits but left empty handed. 


On Tuesday, Willett, of Frank’s Lane, Chesterton, Cambridge, was jailed for three years and six months at Cambridge Crown Court.

He was found guilty of theft of a motor vehicle, tendering counterfeit currency, dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified and possession of counterfeit currency.

Willett pleaded guilty to the thefts.

Jimmy Willett, of Frank’s Lane, Chesterton, Cambridge, was jailed for three years and six months at Cambridge Crown Court.

He was also convicted of offences outside the county, including dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified, driving with no insurance, criminal damage and assaulting an emergency worker.

Detective Constable Luke Pedlar said: “Willett is a prolific and dangerous offender who chose to put innocent people in danger when he drove so recklessly in an attempt to escape justice.

“The sentence reflects the seriousness and sheer number of offences he’s committed in the space of just a few years.”



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