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Violent man threatened to kill partner as she held their 9 month old baby

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A man who demanded his partner put their baby onto the floor so he could punch her, during a months-long campaign of abuse, has been jailed.

Robert Taylor, 39, of Annesley Close, Sawtry, backed his girlfriend, who was carrying their nine-month-old baby, into a corner of a room by threatening to kill her.

Taylor, who had been drinking, was only stopped in his tracks after his mother walked in the house and intervened.

The victim reported the incident to police and Taylor was arrested the following day, 15 May.

In previous months, Taylor had become more violent towards his partner of three years, leaving her and the children living in their home in fear.

On 2 March, he got a kitchen knife, pointed it at the victim’s back and told her to make the children’s dinner as they looked on.

Two months before, during an argument, Taylor, who had again been drinking, pushed, and shouted in the victim’s face while threatening to hurt her.

In September last year, he erupted during an argument and punched a banister.

He then then threw a punch towards her, implying he was going to hurt her, but punched the wall instead, causing a hole.

And on another occasion, he grew angry and frustrated when the baby’s cries woke him and told the victim she could not care properly for their children.

Taylor pleaded guilty to engaging in controlling/coercive behaviour at a previous hearing and on Monday (19 December) at Peterborough Crown Court, he was sentenced to 16 months in prison and given a two-year restraining order.

DC Jess Davey said: “It takes great courage and strength to come forwards and to see an investigation through. What the victim and the children went through must have been terrifying for them.

“No one should live in fear, especially in their own home. There is help and support.

“We strongly urge anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse to contact police on 101 or visit our website.”

For more advice and support on domestic abuse, visit:



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