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St Neots school wins national recognition

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Longsands Academy at St Neots has been awarded the Secondary Geographical Quality Mark (SGQM) by the Geographical Association, recognising the work of the geography department in delivering an excellent education.

The SGQM award supports quality teaching and promotes progress in geography leadership, curriculum development and learning.

Y12 students conducting fieldwork training with the Cranedale Field studies centre last June

The mark is internationally recognised and is valid for three years.


The SGQM moderators praised the department for being innovative and putting effort into changes and improvements.

In particular, the department’s reflection on what is being taught and why, in relation to their intent and vision was highlighted, including the revisiting of learning across the curriculum.

The department’s innovative use of geographic information systems (GIS) was also flagged in the report alongside the team’s use of interesting strategies to develop students’ geographical thinking.

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Geraint Brown, Interim Principal at Longsands Academy, part of Astrea Academy trust, said: “A huge well-done to the geography department here at Longsands.

“This is a testament to their hard work and dedication to providing the best education for our students.

Y12 students conducting fieldwork training with the Cranedale Field studies centre last June

“Geography is a truly fascinating subject that gives our students an exciting way of connecting with places, people, and environmental issues, whether it be here in Cambridgeshire or across the world.

“We are delighted that geography at Longsands has been recognised in this way.

“This is a fantastic way to start the academic year and I am sure that we will use it as an impetus across the whole school to continue to strive for excellence.”


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