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Fenland District Council refuse to budge on March Fountain

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Fenland District Council Cabinet has voted to retain its current plan to move March Fountain to a new location outside Mallett’s jewellers.

Cabinet voted unanimously this afternoon to retain the plans – already approved by its planning committee.

Councillors were told by Cllr Chris Seaton, portfolio holder, of the various options that had been considered and he detailed likely costs involved in each.

Most cabinet members spoke during the debate and fears were raised over the extra costs of relocating to somewhere other than the agreed new location and the reaction of English Heritage to any changes were discussed in detail.

Artist’s impression showing new position of March fountain once work is completed

Artist’s impression showing new position of March fountain once work is completed

Cllr Seaton said options had been extensively investigated and looked at and “based on the difficulties that each of the options throw up, it is my proposal that the present location which has been approved should be progress as planned”.

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Council leader Chris Boden said he had read the 290-page options report put forward by officers.

“When I did go through that report actually, we already have the best solution in front of us,” he said agreeing that the original agreed option was the best available.

In July a unanimous decision by Fenland District Council paused a final decision on where the historic fountain in Broad Street, March, will be relocated.

Councillors responded to a petition signed by 3,587 people calling for the council to re-consider its decision to move the fountain to a new position outside of Malletts the jeweller.


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