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Hotel’s sloping floors ‘part of the quirkiness’

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Management responses to complaints on TripAdvisor about the Rose and Crown, Wisbech, have dried up – which is a pity.

Many offered a thoughtful perspective on running of this Grade II Georgian gem.

Like, for example, when a guest complained about dirty carpets and got this from the hotel management:


“We spoke to our housekeeping team about the carpets not being cleaned properly and as a result they are having new hoovers which are much more powerful and more suited to a hotel environment.”

Or there was the guest from August who “could not find a single floor in the whole building that was flat, other than the ground floor.

“The floor of our room was that uneven and slanted it felt like you had been in a bar all day and when you got in bed you were going to roll out of it.

“I like a soft mattress, but it felt like a half blown up airbed, very noisy plumbing, a pathetic lock on the door that was not secure and did not lock properly”.

It prompted a detailed management response.

The hotel said that “we can only apologise for your experience during your stay at the hotel, however we would like to point out that we clearly state we’re grade 2 listed.

“We’re over 400 years old and the sloping floors are part of the quirkiness of the hotel that many of our former residents have loved.

“With regards to your comments about the mattress feeling like it was a half blown up airbed, we understand everyone has their own comforts but you’re the first to mention this to us.

“All our locks have recently been replaced so we’re not sure as to why you felt that the lock wasn’t secure, and we have investigated this and found no issues with the locking mechanisms.

“With regards to the change in ownership, we’re not actually under any legal obligation to notify future guests, just our suppliers and contractors.

“With the closure of the bar, we do not mention having a bar on our premises, just a coffee shop.

“Kind regards, The Rose & Crown Hotel Management Team.”

Another visitor during August noted there were “lots of silly rules, no alcohol, book food 24 hours in advance, locked up at 10pm”.

The hotel was, of course, quick to respond.

We loved that you found the building to be beautiful.

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“We can only apologise for the rules, but the doors being locked up at 10pm is something we have been doing for many years now and our previous residents have all said that this is one of the main reasons they book here, as they know that the building and their cars are secure.

“Unfortunately, we no longer have a license for alcohol, which means we cannot legally serve it; however, guests are permitted to purchase their own and bring them into their rooms.

“We implemented the pre-booking rule for evening meals which is clearly stated within our description on here.

“Kind regards, The Rose & Crown Hotel Management Team.”

One other guest remarked that “the hotel itself was very good, ideally located, and the room was completely clean, and the bed most comfortable”.

But under ‘dislikes’ added: “A full English breakfast was not offered. This is because a change in ownerships of the hotel forbids pork or pork related items such as bacon, sausage black pudding.

“However, a continental breakfast was available although we declined this option. In addition, alcohol is not for sale in the hotel. Therefore, the only beverages available throughout the day is coffee or soft drinks.”

The hotel responded to the guest that “whilst we understand your frustrations with regards to the issues you have raised, we would like to point out that it is clearly stated on here that only a continental breakfast is available, in addition to the fact that there is no bar or alcohol available on the premises.

“With regards to the hotel forbidding pork related, these are not forbidden but we don’t serve a full English as clearly stated, however if you’d checked our lunch time or evening menus, you’d have found several pork related options on the menus.

“Our evening meals are bookable in advance only.

“We were pleased and really appreciate your opinion with regards to the cleanliness levels of the rooms, the location of the hotel and your 10 for the staff.

“Kind regards, The Rose & Crown Hotel Management team.”

The hotel was not, however, prepared to accept criticism from one guest that the Rose and Crown “smelled of urine”.

Management hit back: “We were sorry to read that you found the hotel to smell of urine and we can assure you that this is not the case at all as our hotel is cleaned to the highest standards by fully trained housekeeping staff.

“Kind regards, The Rose & Crown Hotel Management Team.”

But our favourite ‘management hits back’ moment was to the guest who, after moaning about a TV not working, no lift, no help with luggage, difficulty in finding hotel park and a ‘feeling of neglect’ complained about “dead plants in pots in car park entrance”.

The Rose and Crown hit back: “The dead plant that you referred to is actually not dead, but it is a winter plant which only flowers in the winter.”


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