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Man quizzed over ‘flirty’ texts batters girl friend with suitcase after she challenged him

Attacker found guilty of intentional strangulation

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Jamie Pretlove used a suitcase to batter his girlfriend after she confronted him about ‘flirty’ messages on his phone, a court heard. Pretlove, 32, flew into a rage after the discovery and an argument broke out at their Cottenham home.

The victim slapped Pretlove around the face and in a furious retaliation, he punched her several times in the head and used his body weight to pin her down on a bed while he strangled her.

Pretlove got off the woman, who had been struggling to breathe, and started to pack a suitcase.


However, the argument reignited, and he threw his girlfriend to the floor and attacked her again, punching her several times.

He grabbed the suitcase and used it as a weapon to hit her in the face and body.

The woman noticed she was bleeding and managed to flee to the bathroom, and shortly afterwards dialled 999 and stayed on the phone until officers arrived.

Pretlove was arrested at the scene last October and the woman, who was visibly shaken, received medical treatment for cuts, bruises and scratches to her neck.

In police interview, Pretlove admitted grabbing the victim around the throat, but claimed he hadn’t restricted her breathing.

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However, Pretlove, of Redhall Close, Hatfield, was found guilty of intentional strangulation and actual bodily harm (ABH) at a hearing held earlier this month.

He was sentenced to 18 months in prison at Cambridge Crown Court on Thursday (20 June).

DC Matthew Lander, who investigated, said: “Pretlove inflicted a disturbing level of violence on his victim, and I am relieved he has been put behind bars.

amie Pretlove, 32, was confronted by the victim after she discovered “flirty” messages from him to another woman on his phone.

Jamie Pretlove, 32, was confronted by the victim after she discovered “flirty” messages from him to another woman on his phone.

“Our officers are determined to hold every perpetrator of domestic abuse to account. If you are a victim or know someone who is, or has been, affected by domestic abuse, please get in touch.”

Victims of domestic abuse are urged to contact police or call the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247.

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