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Nazi Swastika daubed on dead pigeons in Cambridgeshire town

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Residents of a Cambridgeshire town say they have been “horrified” by the discovery of two dead pigeons on which Nazi Swastika stickers have been painted.

The pigeons were found on Tuesday in the High Street, St Neots and another in Brook Street, St Neots.

Local councillor Stephen Ferguson said: “St Neots residents are horrified by this spate of ‘Nazi pigeon’ murders.”

He said: “There are at least two – and the pink object around its neck is playing ‘happy birthday’ on repeat”.

The dead pigeon in High Street, St Neots, with Nazi Swastika, is one of two found in the town in on Tuesday.

The dead pigeon in High Street, St Neots, with Nazi Swastika, is one of two found in the town on Tuesday.

One resident said: “We saw this and spoke to Cambridgeshire police on 101 who are sending an officer out.

“Please no one touch this as you do not know someone’s intent or what they have potentially put in that bird.”

The resident hopes CCTV near to where one pigeon was spotted – outside McColl’s in the High Street – might help to find who is responsible.

“CCTV is right above this so will have caught who it was but yep wtf!!,” he posted to a local Facebook group.

Another resident said she was pleased it had been reported to Cambridgeshire police.

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“One of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen,” she said.

One other resident said that the incident was “terrifying; police sound like they are taking this seriously as I dread to think what this individual has done/is capable of”.

A resident who spotted the dead pigeon in Brook Street confirmed it had the same markings as the one discovered in High Street.

“They were the same markings but with three or four of them.”

A man said he had seen one of the pigeons on his morning walk.

“I am horrified,” he said. “This is just awful.”

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire police said: ““We were called at about 9.30pm yesterday (22 August) with reports a dead pigeon with a swastika carved into its chest had been found in High Street, St Neots.

“Anyone with information concerning the incident should visit quoting 35/63143/23. Alternatively call 101.”


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