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Re-opening Fenland pub with Nepalese, Indian and ‘sizzler’ meals goes down a storm

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Nepalese born Subodh Gautam – “you can call me ‘Sub’” – is already causing a sensation in the Fens by opening his first pub.

He has taken on the previously closed Railway pub in Whittlesey and the bookings are flooding in.

And the online reviews have been phenomenal.

“I was born in Nepal; came to the UK in 2009 and I am happily married to my beautiful wife, Ritu,” he says.

“I have successfully established a hospitality business and worked in various industries.

“I have completed a Graduate Diploma in Business Management.

“And since my childhood, I have dreamt of my own successful business.”

After introducing customers to his cooking – and to his food – during an August Bank Holiday taster day, the phone has been ringing off the hook.  

“Over the years, my experience working in the hospitality and retail industry gave me a boost in learning the industry in detail,” says Sub.

“As a result, I have seen the business I worked at become an immense success.

“With excellent customer service, drive, and passion for thriving the business with excellent value food and drinks with the community involved.”

The pub’s restaurant includes Nepalese, Indian, mixed grills, sizzlers, and curry.

“Fantastic food, friendly staff, highly recommended,” was the thoughts of one early diner.

Another said: “I went on Wednesday and the meal was faultless. Yummy.”


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