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Tick tock, tick tock – hotel guests left at 6 o’clock

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It was as gentle an inquisition as any hotelier dared hope – a visit from TV’s ‘hotel inspector’ Alex Polizzi which ended well.

But even she could not solve a critique of the Falcon Hotel, Whittlesey, which one couple shared to TripAdvisor.

For the couple, despite remarking their room was “lovely and clean” and pointing out staff “were very friendly and helpful,” left unimpressed.


And it was not their room, the breathtakingly large Sunday roasts, or the whopper of an English breakfast they might otherwise have consumed.

“The biggest problem was the church nearby,” they wrote.

“It chimed and played a tune every 15 minutes throughout the night!

“By 5am I had a migraine through lack of sleep.”

Heading their review ‘only stay if you’re an insomniac’ the couple exited early.

“We left at 6am not having eaten the breakfast we’d paid for,” they lamented.

Not that owner Colin Wilson will be too troubled by the chimes of St Mary’s – other guests have gushed about the Falcon in recent reviews.

“We popped out to try the newly refurbished Falcon Hotel, in Whittlesey,” wrote one visitor from a week or so ago.

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“We have to say how impressed we were with the new decor and style inside.

“We decided to stay on Friday night for dinner, and have to say the food was excellent and hot, service very good and attentive staff, and at a reasonable price, lovely evening thank you”

Another visitor remarked that they “love this place, warm and welcoming”.

They added: “What a fantastic place, great prices, great food and most importantly a great welcome.

“Wonderful staff that clearly care about their business and their customers.

The rooms are fair value, lovely breakfast.

“I will be back.”

Other reviews included this from a guest who reckoned the “the hotel was fantastic everything was brilliant the food was excellent and especially the entertainment.

“There was something from everyone; the entertainment changed every night starting with the kids and then for the adults from bingo to dancing always putting a smile on people’s looked after.

“I will definitely be coming back for a second time and most likely a 3rd and 4th we have enjoyed every single minute of our time here.”

Another happy guest added: “Extremely helpful and friendly staff. A great base for an overnight stay with an excellent breakfast before our journey home.

“The location means it is quiet on the night with no road noise -so a good night’s sleep is easy. “Great value.”

In July, Alex Polizzi, the hotel inspector, showcased her visit to the Falcon Hotel on Channel 5.

She produced some helpful suggestions – which Colin has taken on board – and there is an air of optimism as those changes take hold.


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