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Flooding at Welney not enough to deter those willing to take a chance

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The A1101 through Welney remains open to drivers prepared to take a risk of not getting stuck.Water on the Wash Road is fractionally below the level at which full closure would happen.

The Facebook group Welney Flood Watch posted today that “water levels at Welney are around the same as this time yesterday, river level of 2.38m.

“Water ponded almost out to the centre line on the south travelling carriageway, water flowing over the road at just one point no more than an inch deep which is being caused by the high winds.

“There is weed and debris on the last bend before Welney which is behaving like mud and is slippery so if crossing watch out for that.”

However, the Facebook group, whilst noting that overnight levels kept under the 2.40m trigger, with the high winds and flows it may just keep ponding “to be annoying.

“Sutton Gault upstream has risen by about 10cm so we will keep an eye on that as that may start affecting Welney in a day or so.

Editor John Elworthy has reported on flooding at Welney for more than 20 years. This from 2018 when explaining the issues to Jeremy Vine, live on BBC Radio 2

“I guess the flashing depth signs will not be working as levels are below their working level.

“Expect to see like yesterday a bit of up and down but pretty much the same today”.

The post concludes: “Drive carefully.”

Flashing signs have switched off which they do when the water level falls below their trigger; they will auto switch back on if it rises to over 2.40 (2.41).

The Environment Agency says: “Water maybe partially covering the causeway at Welney, Sutton Gault and Earith as a result of heavy rainfall.

“Further rainfall is forecast over the next few days. We expect river levels to remain high during this period.

“Please plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded. We are closely monitoring the situation.

“The Environment Agency are liaising with the relevant Highways Authority.”




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